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Astral has a permanent staff of three and a number of contract staff on call for various projects. This flexible structure enables us to provide the best expertise for each project while avoiding the overheads associated with larger consultancies.

Dave Park - Director (Permanent staff)
Dave specializes in air transport flight operations, airline start-ups, aircraft performance, ETOPS, aircraft and airport noise management, fleet planning, airport technical development and development of regulatory requirements. He has developed specialized software for the analysis of aircraft payload-range and sector payload capability that he uses extensively to support consulting assignments.

Dave has held various technical, aircraft performance and senior managerial positions with the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority (2 years), Air New Zealand (20 years) and Qantas New Zealand (2 years).  He has had management responsibility for a fleet of 13 jet and turbo-prop aircraft, 140 pilots and support staff and an annual budget of $US80m. Dave's skill-set includes preparation of aircraft performance data, flight path analysis, aircraft evaluation, aircraft introduction, engine and airframe condition monitoring, ETOPS requirements, aircraft noise, runway evaluation, airport development and land use planning and air-ground data links.

He has worked extensively with airport companies, civil aviation authorities, aircraft manufacturers, legal and acoustics consultants and industry organisations and has an in-depth understanding of what makes safe, efficient and effective flying operations. He has an extensive network of industry contacts including the major aircraft manufacturers.

Dave holds a Masters Degree in aeronautical engineering and an MBA. He is a UK Chartered Engineer, a member of the Royal Aeronautical Society and the Guild of Air Pilots and Navigators.

Kevin Murray - Consultant (Permanent staff)
Kevin has 28 years aviation experience including 7 years as an RNZAF navigator, 19 years with international airlines working in the areas of navigation services, flight planning, flight management systems, ETOPS planning, electronic flight bags, overflight permits and airways charging and 2 years with Lido Systems planning, implementing and supporting the introduction of advanced computer flight planning systems to airlines.

Kevin has wide experience with the selection and implementation of computer flight planning systems, setting up airline navigation services, CNS/ATM/FANS procedures and all aspects of airline navigation services.

Duncan Watson (Associate)
Duncan is a Canadian who has held a number of senior level aircraft maintenance management positions with DHL International, Hawker Pacific Pty Ltd., Ansett Airlines, Air Niugini and Canadian Airlines International.

Duncan is licensed on Boeing 767-300, 747-200, 727-100/200, 737-200/300, DC-8-40/50/60 and DC-10-10/30 (ICAO type II) and holds IATA Operational Safety Auditor Accreditation and Bureau Veritas ISO 9001- 2000 Lead Quality Auditor Accreditation.

He has diverse experience with airline reengineering/restructuring and process improvement and is skilled in heavy check management.

Chris Read (Associate)
Chris is an experienced corporate professional with a strong mix of tertiary training, aviation governance and leadership, tourism marketing and development overlayed with financial and practical operational readiness management.

His career has spanned accountancy, ownership of a significant motor and marine industry conglomerate and for 20 years leadership and development of Queenstown Airport - a dynamic and complex environment making up the largest public utility asset in the region and being the 4th largest airport in NZ, along with two associated local aerodromes, Wanaka and Glenorchy.
He has held positions of CEO and General Manager of Queenstown Airport with overall responsibility for financial, compliance, airside and landside functions, route development, customer service and is experienced in all aspects of airport operations and management for large and small airports.
Chris holds Bachelor of Aviation and Bachelor of Commerce degrees and a diploma in Aviation Operational Management.  He is a licensed pilot.

Dean Clisby (Associate)
Dean has 5 years aviation consultant experience specialising in safety systems for airline operations and airports, as well as helicopter operations.  He is experienced in all facets of Airline Air Transport Operations, including ETOPs operations and safety management systems (SMS)/ quality assurance.  He has set up SMS for three airlines and is currently the compliance auditor for a major New Zealand airport and a trainer for Aviation Quality Database software (AQD).

Dean has considerable experience New Guinea and several Gulf states where he has recently advised local airlines and the Aviation Authorities. 

Prior to consulting Dean had 13 years of military and civilian helicopter and fixed wing flying experience, four years as a Flight Operations Safety Auditor for the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand and held senior audit and safety roles in several New Zealand based airlines.

Dean holds a Bachelor of Science degree, a Diploma of Business Studies (Aviation) and has passed the Lead Assessor's Course as set by International Quality Consultants (Australasia) Ltd.  In addition he holds a Commercial Pilots Licence for both helicopter and fixed wing aircraft, a B Category helicopter instructor rating and has been qualified multi engine single pilot IFR. 

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